The world has become so used to ugly computers that
most of us don't bother to look at them.
We are here to change that.

Offices spend thousands of dollars on computers only to stuff them away under desks and out of sight.
Why does your computer have to be the ugliest object in your office?
Why can't it be the most beautiful?

Made in the USA

The PG-13 is designed and and machined domestically. We care about the American economy, so most expenses go straight back to other American businesses.

Built with premium materials

One of the biggest issues with one-size-fits-all office computers is the use of cheap materials. Our computers use only the best hardwoods, handpicked for quality.

Designed to suit you

Your computer should be as stunning as your office. Want it to match your mahogany desk? Done. Or perhaps maple to match that globe you hide liquor in? We can do it.

Some examples of material choices

(Renderings may differ from final products)

Black Walnut


Red Oak


Ready to complete your office?

Make your workspace one of a kind, your coworkers will envy you.